Wednesday, March 23, 2005

You're entering.. the Peak Oil Twilight Zone.

For a laugh, I've been discussing oil with people that are just on the outskirts of my normal circle of friends. I was amazed that nobody had even heard of the concept that oil production will peak some day, and what the ramifications could be. Not that I need everybody to be worried, I'd just like to see some awareness. And these are generally fairly intelligent people. On the other hand, I noticed yesterday that everybody had an opinion on the Terri Schiavo case, which has direct ramifications on pretty much nobody.

I guess it's some combination of denial, limited attention spans, the general gossipy nature of people, and the minimalist approach that the news is taking on the oil story. For while there have been many stories about oil and oil prices, generally they keep a wide berth around the peak oil concept. Sure, there have been stories about peak oil in the mainstream media, but in the average oil story it's not mentioned. It's like there's some kind of parallel world in which peak oil is allowed to be discussed vrs another one where it isn't allowed to be mentioned. This will change, but sometimes I feel like I'm on another planet.

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