Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Free Kenneth Lay!

It's really too bad about them Enron boys. They was just a little early that's all.

And a little crooked. Though we didn't hear any of them comparing themselves to Nelson Mandela, did we Martha?

A WSJ article detailing how Wall Street is looking to ramp up energy trading operations titled "J.P. Morgan Hires 4 Executives
For Energy-Trading Expansion


J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., playing catch-up to some big Wall Street rivals, is pumping up its energy-trading business.

The nation's second-largest bank by assets after Citigroup Inc. said it made four new hires as part of an expansion of its energy operation.

In the past several months, J.P. Morgan executives repeatedly have expressed interest in expanding the energy operations. The investment bank has set aside $150 million this year to invest in top areas of growth, including energy and commodities.

Other Wall Street firms, such as Citigroup and Merrill Lynch & Co., also are planning to expand their energy-trading operations.