Monday, March 07, 2005

Bob Brinker peak oil caller.

Bob Brinker got a peak oil caller this weekend.

The gentleman mentioned that he had made some good money in oil stocks over the past few months and he wanted Bob's opinion on oil stocks and what to make of a possible peak in oil production and the implications of that in terms of investing.

General investment advisors don't want to touch this with a ten foot pole, and, as such, Bob answered that he doesn't make those types of market specific calls, and that his approach was to 'invest wisely', focus on diversification, and build inflation protection into the portfolio. He then went on to mention his general outlook, that we are in a secular bear market (secular = longer term, overriding trend) since March 2000, and we are currently in a cyclical bull market phase. [He made a couple of nice calls on both of those in 2000 and 2003.]

That said, I'd be really curious to see what Bob's own portfolio looks like.