Sunday, March 20, 2005

Dance with who brung yu.

I should probably have done this earlier, but I'd like to explain why I have this blog and what I'd like to do with it.

As I've overweighted the energy sector in my personal portfolio, I want to make sure I'm tracking the story (story defined as energy e.g. oil, natural gas, coal, peak oil, etc) as closely as I can. I try to read as much about the topic and catch as much commentary and discussion on radio and TV as I can. I originally tried to track things by mental notes and some written notes, but this blog has turned out to be much more useful in this regard.

Among other things I try to keep an eye on:

1.) The opinions of experts, with particular emphasis on those that I have found to be correct in the past and those that argue against me.

2.) The general thinking on energy, both in the mass media and among the general public.

3.) News developments in the energy sector.

The goal of all this is to triangulate these various inputs and figure out where that leads me in terms of buy, sell, or hold.

So when reading this blog, please keep in mind that I may well own some of the stocks I mention, probably agree with many of the experts I choose to mention, and though I try to keep an open mind and am looking for dissenting opinions, I am as subject to bias as anybody else.

It's tough to stay on top of everything, so probably I'm going to evolve to focus mainly on #1, tracking those who brought me to the party.