Wednesday, March 09, 2005

And the Oscar for "Best Prime Time Mention of Peak Oil" goes to..

Fox's Alias, where Sydney's dad just mentioned Peak Oil at the dinner table.

I was wondering when I would see a mention of Peak Oil on mainstream TV or in a movie, and this is it. If anyone hears of more, feel free to add it in as comments.

It's kind of amusing that I mentioned Jennifer Garner in an earlier post.. (Hmm, how about I mention I ran into a million dollars.)

An extra credit question: When plotting Alias episodes, do the writers first figure out what they want to dress Jennifer Garner in, then come up with the story, or is it the other way around?

Update, with dialog:

After one character mentions hybrid cars, Sydney's father responds

Well, considering the rapidly growing demand for fuel in nations like
China, India not to mention the world's oil production is expected to
peak in the next five years and then sharply plummet, I think it's pretty
clear were looking at an exponential rise in the global conflict along
with an energy crisis of unfathomable proportion. So, yes, I'd say a
hybrid is an excellent idea.