Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Moon over Parador time?

Another blogger doing some nice work tracking China's quest for oil in our backyard. What's up with Chavez referring to China as the "great Chinese fatherland" (italics mine)? [Note to CIA: Cue the puppet, boys.]

"We have been producing and exporting oil for more than 100 years," Mr. Chávez told Chinese businessmen in December. "But these have been 100 years of domination by the United States. Now we are free, and place this oil at the disposal of the great Chinese fatherland."

(quote from NY Times article)

While Bush is busy implementing the Carter doctrine, who's minding the Monroe doctrine?

P.S. Hope you're catching on to the fact that some of my writing is tongue in cheek ('Blame Canada', 'Infidels', 'our backyard'). The 'Moon over Parador' idea, that I'm serious about.