Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Your Peak Oil Wakeup Call.

In addition to Charles Maxwell on Bob Brinker's show this weekend, the first three days of this week saw T Boone Pickens on Bloomberg, Matthew Simmons on CNBC, Bloomberg TV and Bloomberg Radio.

Ok, so it's partially about the OPEC meeting, but you can't say that word about a possible peak isn't out there in investment land.

MSN Video of Matthew Simmons on CNBC.

Matthew Simmons says "Better make it a double".

A piece on oil sands in Canada. (Charles Maxwell spoke about oil sands as a source for future oil needs on Bob Brinker's show.)

This could be a sign that we are plateauing, though BP tries to downplay their own survey:
BP says global oil reserves growth stalled in 2004.