Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Pentagon Sources Confirm: US Special Forces in Motion.

Pentagon sources today confirmed off the record that United States Special Forces have been deploying into an undisclosed foreign nation in preparation for an invasion and eventual takeover(s). Our sources would not confirm the location, but did rule out any location in the Middle East.

Speculation revolves around various locations in and around Calgary, Canada, where what are described as "American sounding males and females, business-like dress, lots of papers and briefcases, driving high-end rental vehicles" have been spotted in large numbers in local luxury hotels. Rumors circulating in town have them meeting with various local dignitaries and working deals in the event of an actual takeover.

US Special Forces performed a similar role before the invasion of Afghanistan, hitting the ground before the eventual US takeover, disguising themselves in the local garb, living among the locals and arranging deals with local tribes to ally them against the Taliban.