Thursday, June 09, 2005

Biodiesel car is to french fries as this car is to .....

'Fishy' 70-mpg diesel concept car unveiled.

DaimlerChrysler on Tuesday unveiled a diesel concept car that gets more than 70 miles per gallon, reduces some pollutants by 80 percent, seats four and looks like something that popped out of a Caribbean reef — only magnified.

The fully functional car was on display at a company technology exhibit in Washington, D.C. DaimlerChrysler said it had no plans to mass produce the vehicle, but that some of the technology would show up in future vehicles.

84 mpg on highway

The low drag and lightweight components are key reasons for the fact that the 140 horsepower concept car gets 20 percent better mileage than other diesels of its size, DaimlerChrysler said.

Combined city/highway driving delivers about 70 mpg, DaimlerChrysler said, while highway driving at 55 mph gets around 84 mpg.

The vehicle also uses a new diesel filter technology that reduces smog-causing nitrogen oxide emissions by up to 80 percent, the company said. A mixture based on animal urine is sprayed into the exhaust system, neutralizing the nitrogen oxides into harmless nitrogen and water.