Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Who can make oil rise?

Who can make oil rise,
up a buck or two
get the pits a hoppin'
and the shorts in a screw...
The candyman,
Oh the candyman can,
The candyman can 'cause he knows just when
to drop a bomb and make oil jump real good

Who can take a 75 quote,
Wrap it in a sigh?
To hell with the oil inventory report
We're having sweet potato pie!
The candyman?
The candyman can…
The candyman can 'cause he charmed Melissa Francis
and made oil investments look real good…

The Candyman makes
every prediction he bakes up
Satisfying and delicious.
Go ahead and dream those millionaire wishes.
You'll no longer have to wash dishes!

Who can take the futures,
Make 'em start to scream?
Break the backs of shorts and collect up all the cream,
The candyman?
The candyman can, the candyman can…

The candyman can 'cause he mixes it with 'aw shucks'
and makes it all sound real good..

And the oil goes up
'cause the candyman thinks it......s-h-o-u-l-d!

T Boone Pickens predicted $75 oil within a year yesterday to Melissa Francis on CNBC.

His successful predictions so far:

- In 2003, he predicted $28-32 over the next 2 years.
- On May 16th, 2004 he predicted $45 'pretty quick', which it hit in 3 months.
- In July 2004, he predicted $50 before $30.
- On September 29th, 2004, he predicted $60 before $40, and said he didn't think we'd ever go back to $35 again.

Can the streak last?