Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Jim Cramer endorses Operation Alberta Freedom.

I guess we've hit the big time.

TheStreet.com: Mad Money Wrap-up

Oil Sands Plays

Cramer asked investors if they knew where the second-largest oil reserve in the world is. It's in Alberta, Canada, Cramer said. But people rarely talk about Canadian oil because it's trapped.
But Kinder Morgan's (KMI:NYSE - commentary - research) $3.1 billion purchase of British Columbia-based Terasen, an oil sands play, tells Cramer that the oil sands business is now profitable. The acquisition, Cramer said, tells him that the companies trying to tap into Canadian oil sands will continue to move higher. It also tells Cramer that companies with exposure to oil sands are undervalued.

Cramer points to French company Total (TOT:NYSE ADR - commentary - research), which launched a $1.1 billion bid for Deer Creek Energy on Tuesday, as more proof that oil sand plays are for real. Deer Creek, an oil sands play, had climbed almost 95% prior to Total's bid. Deer Creek climbed another 39% on Tuesday.

So who is going to benefit from this pin action in Kinder, which ended Tuesday up more than $6, and Total? Cramer said that investors should be looking at Suncor Energy (SU:NYSE - commentary - research), which is a pure play that gets all of its oil from tar oil.

Investors should also be buying Canadian Natural Resources (CNQ:NYSE - commentary - research), which will move higher once it gets its Horizon oil sands project up and running. Investors should be in that one before the project is fully operational, though -- if they want to make money.

Cramer said that investors should be looking at Husky Energy, a Canadian company, which could be spinning off its oil sands assets soon.

Cramer also said that Petro-Canada (PCZ:NYSE - commentary - research), which trades at 19 times earnings, is another name that investors should be looking at.

EnCana (ECA:NYSE - commentary - research), which trades at 17 times earnings, is the most undervalued stock in the group, Cramer said. And it will go higher. Indeed, Cramer called EnCana the cheapest and best play of the lot.