Saturday, August 20, 2005

Don't rush the monkey, and you'll get a better dance.

[Must ... resist ... temptation...]

Well . . .

I'm going to refrain from making any comments on the above quote [we have standards here after all - and I'd like to keep it family friendly], which Boone Pickens passed on to CNBC's rather attractive Melissa Francis as words of wisdom. I'm sure he was referring to investing, but boy, oh boy.. Where's Joe Kernen when you need him?

Anyway, here's a video clip from CNBC of Boone Pickens (his mother didn't like the 'T', apparently) with him highlighting his favorite stocks. He likes.. coal, oil sands, and companies that don't have to buy reserves.

Go to MSN Video, delete all the clips it loads automatically, and play the one labeled "Pickens Bets on $75 Oil". They do expire these eventually, so I may well post some notes later. You might also have to search for it via the Video Search box on the left, try "Boone Pickens".

There's also one "A Day in the Life Of Boone Pickens", which is fairly useless. I see more of this stuff and I'm selling everything.