Friday, April 01, 2005


Washington, D.C.
April 1, 2005

The T-Mobile Sidekick hacker has struck again, this time hacking the contents of former Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz's Sidekick and posting them for all to see on various public forums on the Internet.

The contents reveal shocking details of an NSA funded disinformation campaign and Watergate style conspiracy designed to spread fear of an oil peak and crisis among the United States population. The apparent intent was to cause such chaos and panic among voters that they would increasingly turn towards nationalistic, strong-arm leaders, thus ensuring the re-election of generations of Republicans to positions of power for decades to come. The top secret operation was known under the designation: "Peak Oil for Food", food in this case a euphemism for Republican votes.

E-mails posted from Mr. Wolfwitz's Sidekick reveal messages between Mr. Wolfwitz and Richard Heinberg, Mike Ruppert and others associated with the "Peak Oil" movement indicating that they are in fact clandestine CIA operatives, in turn using the revenues they accumulate from their various activities to fund the arming of Tibetan Nationalists [which actually turns out to be fairly cheap].