Friday, April 01, 2005


Crazy headlines from everywhere. What a day!

Quebec, Canada
Quebec joins Coalition of the Willing for Operation Alberta Freedom.

Shanghai, China
China signs a deal with H.M. Burgler for access to what both sides are confident amounts to vast resources of oil.

New York, New York
Eliot Spitzer files charges against web site operator for manipulation of oil futures.

New York, New York
Web site operator withdraws from New York Governor's race.

Washington, D.C.
Senator Kennedy submits his "Wind Energy Freedom Act NIMBY, NIMUBB, NIMSYAB 2005" for Congressional Consideration.

[NIMBY=not in my backyard. NIMUBB=not in my underage babysitter's backyard. NIMSYAB=not in my sexy young assistant's backyard.]

Moscow, Russia
KGB LP launches hostile takeover of Russia, Inc.
Bear Stearns serving as lead advisor to KGB LP.