Sunday, May 22, 2005

Peak Oil Awareness.

I was trying to figure out a way to judge Peak Oil awareness among the general public. I've seen people count Google hits and blog mentions, which are certainly a couple of good ways.

[Google hits on phrase "Hubbert's Peak" = 47,100; "Peak Oil" = 602,000]

I decided to track the Amazon sales rank of some Peak Oil books. Obviously newer books tend to do better, but let's recheck in 6 months.

The Long Emergency, J. Kunstler: 208

Twilight in the Desert, M. Simmons: 762

Beyond Oil, K. Deffeyes: 1,091

Powerdown, R. Heinberg: 1,174

The Party's Over, R. Heinberg: 3,620

Hubbert's Peak, K. Deffeyes: 3,716

The End of Oil, P. Roberts: 9,058

The Oil Factor, Leeb & Leeb: 10,571

Out of Gas, D. Goodstein: 32,896