Sunday, May 29, 2005

Must See TV - Hubbert's Peak Edition.

A number of weeks ago I wrote to CNBC to suggest they do a feature on Peak Oil with guests for and against the idea. I didn't get a response.

On Friday, they ran something like what I had in mind, complete with "Peak Oil Production" banner, mentions of Peak Oil and Hubbert's Peak and Matthew Simmons of Simmons and Co. International on the pro side, Daniel Yergin of Cambridge Energy Research Associates (CERA) against.

The debate is too short, but it's a start.

To view it, go to the MSN video site, point to the "Simmons and Co. International" video towards the bottom right, then click on the "Play" button that will appear. [Note: You may have to kill the playlist it sets up, and you may have to type "Simmons" in the Search box, as the video moved off the top of the list.]