Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Tipping Point..... tipped.

Ford recently announced that in July SUV and light truck sales were down 44.1% versus the prior month. GM, which fared the best of the Big Three, had a 19% decline.

Now a Consumer Reports poll indicates that the top factor in new vehicle purchases is gas mileage, which, until now, was a factor that had ranked something like 7th. One auto analyst is quoted in the story as downplaying this result, as consumers often say one thing then do something quite different. I happen to think she's wrong.

AP: Poll: Fuel Economy Big Car-Buying Factor.

And while we're focusing on cars:

NY Times: A Car-Sales Indicator Suggests a Recession Is Near or Already Here.

One indicator is not enough to go by, but the tottering housing market, high energy prices, this...