Saturday, August 12, 2006

The Case for Natural Gas.

This clip is supposed to be about natural gas, but for whatever reason, Ian McDonald of the WSJ has chosen to highlight 3 Canadian stocks which are both natural gas plays as well as Canadian oil sands plays. Hey, I won't argue, I rather like the way he's thinking.

Maybe he's been reading a bit of Henry Groppe, who loves Canadian energy producers, or Matthew Simmons, who lauds natural gas as "the single best energy source we've ever had", or even Boone Pickens, who believes natural gas will be used as a transportation fuel as the oil gets tight. (He most certainly hasn't been reading me, but my contribution is here.)

The interview highlights stocks Encana (ECA), Canadian Natural Resources (CNQ), and Nexen (NXY).

CNBC: The Case for Natural Gas.