Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Dan Rice's Words of Wisdom.

WSJ (via Post Gazette): The No. 1 energy fund's wild (but energizing) ride.

Dan Rice runs the excellent Blackrock Global Resources fund, which I'd recommend, but it has a load.

My suggestion: Print the article out, read it, put it up on your wall, read it again in a week.

The main points:

- The best scenario is that oil trades in a range of $60 - $70; not too high, not too low. And if you've been reading along, that's clearly where OPEC wants it too.

- He believes there's still substantial upside, particularly in coal, but also in oil production and oil service.

- He highlights the fact that since 2000, there have been 20% corrections roughly twice each year in the energy sector. Be aware of this, use it to your advantage; let cash build during the surges and try to jump in on the corrections.

- He suggests a small portion of the average investor's portfolio be allocated to the energy sector, but admits to having 90% of his own money in it.