Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Smoke 'em if you got 'em.

To follow up on the post re: Sam Stovall's top 10 sectors, these were the top 10 sectors from the Fidelity Select Funds for January.

Energy service: 19.53
Natural resources: 17.07
Energy: 16.92
Natural gas: 16.05
Gold: 15.97
Networking and infrastructure: 11.06
Electronics: 9.49
Developing communications: 9.05
Brokerage & Investment: 7.93
Environmental: 7.23

If you aren't already invested in energy, I wouldn't be jumping in with both feet now, no matter what this theory suggests. The charts look very extended, they ran too far too fast, they need a pause/consolidation, etc.

And if you like to trade, this may be the time to consider letting some go, selling covered calls, etc, depending on what you think the charts tell you. In particular, I would point out the candlestick charts appear to show reversal signals.