Friday, February 17, 2006

Boone Pickens on CNBC 02-16-2006.

CNBC via MSN Video: The Oracle of Oil.

This interview covers basically the same ground as the Bloomberg TV interview, though, amusingly, in this one he suggests $53 as the floor for oil prices, which happens to be exactly the price that the OPEC president last year suggested as an 'ideal price'. So it sounds like Boone Pickens believes that OPEC will be successful in defending their price floor, should they need to. [Makes sense to me, given what I see.]


"Let me say this: I would not be short oil."

"If you're not short, if you're giving me a forced question Melissa, I have to either go up or down on the oil market, I'll take it up; I'd rather buy it than sell it. Am I in there buying today, no. I think you could see some more weakness here. I think it's probably gonna go back up and I think you're gonna be back up in the 60s again."

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