Saturday, January 14, 2006

Two more weeks! Two more weeks!

S&P's Sam Stovall finds yet another way to slice and dice the sector data, and we've got ourselves a &*^%@$ horserace!

Keep in mind it's about momentum and historical performance and probabilities - not to mention we're only half way through January - but maybe it's gonna be Africa hot baby! [Sam Stovall's idea is in the last paragraph of that link.]

The below data is not from S&P, but from the Fidelity Select sector funds, which I use to keep track of sector performance.

Top 10 performing Fidelity Select Sector funds so far in 2006:

Energy service: 10.44
Gold: 9.45
Networking and infrastructure: 9.36
Electronics: 8.80
Energy: 8.75
Natural resources: 8.45
Developing communications: 8.40
Natural gas: 7.93
Technology: 7.27
Software and Computer Services: 7.24

Those won't correlate exactly with what S&P has, but they're something to work with.

Let's see how we close 'em out at the end of January.