Monday, September 12, 2005

Let them eat rice cakes.

Man, oh man, Clinton and Bush Sr. have clearly been hanging out together too much.

He must not need the speech fees so much anymore, 'cause I'm not sure they're having have him back after this.

ABCNews: Clinton to China: Find New Energy Sources.


Former President Clinton urged China on Saturday to recognize the urgency of the environmental threats to its growth, and to use the Internet as a tool to surmount them. But he remained silent on the risks faced by those who use the Internet as a forum for dissent.

"You will have to come to grips with significant challenges to your growth," Clinton said at an Internet conference in this eastern resort city. He warned that the energy consumption required to keep China's economy growing at its recent rate of more than 9 percent is "unsustainable."

China's oil imports have soared as it struggles to keep booming industries growing. Its continued strong growth, and that of the rest of the world, will depend on its ability to find alternative energy sources and make better use of the resources it has, Clinton said.

"If we don't do it, it will eventually impose severe restraints on economic growth and make future conflicts far more likely," Clinton said. "It's not clear to me that there will be enough oil to produce that growth according to traditional energy use patterns," he said.