Thursday, July 28, 2005

Buck up boys.

I see some of you folks weakening. You want to sell, don't you? You're afraid it might not last, that it's a bubble. You want to sell it all and get that G500 you've had your eye on for when the oil goes back to $20.

Well buck up boys.

A little Deffeyes to help you through your weak moments. [video]

A little Don Coxe to buck you up. [audio, Windows Media Player format]

The striking difference between this 'bubble' and the Internet bubble is that most of the major 'pushers' of this bubble are older, experienced, 'seen it all' guys, guys who've been in oil forever or who have made some solid investment calls in their careers.

Experienced oil guys: Simmons, Deffeyes, Maxwell, Pickens, Campbell, Groppe.

Investment guys: Coxe, Rogers, Wanger, Heebner, Leeb.

That said, you must make your own judgements. Sell when it's right for you.