Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Pickens: Not too long under $100.

Using wind for electrical energy generation, shifting natural gas to a transportation fuel, reducing oil imports 50% in 10 years, yada yada yada. Ok, kidding about the yada yada yada, I've just featured Mr Picken's ideas a number of times now.

It's an extremely important issue, this is one guy with a decently sized plan that seems worth shooting for, so I'm personally for it.

Without any kind of plan (say, like the situation we find ourselves in right now..), we're liable to be as *&^%$# as the peak oil doomsters think.

On the oil price prediction of a roughly $100 floor for oil prices, he believes OPEC will actively try to support a floor around that price, which sounds correct to me.

Bloomberg: Pickens Says Crude Oil Isn't Likely to Drop Below $100.