Monday, February 14, 2005

1,000,000 Becky Quick Fans Can't Be Wrong.

Actually, I read somewhere that CNBC viewership is down in the coupla hundred thousands these days. [The bubble folks, apparently, are over watching HGTV.] But when there's somebody with an interesting viewpoint on CNBC, FoxNews or Bloomberg I fire up the old Tivo.
Here's my list - not meant to be comprehensive, but enlightening nonetheless - of intelligent folks who have mentioned energy as a favored sector due to the supply/demand imbalance. This is roughly over the past 3 months.

Jim Rogers
John Bollinger
Ken Heebner
Wayne Rogers
T. Boone Pickens
Charles Maxwell
Peter Thiel - Paypal founder
Louis Navallier
John Roque
Jim Cramer
David Swika

This gentleman is also of the same mind, though he's not coming from an investment angle:
Michael Economides - Professor of Engineering, U. of Houston

I'll probably post an addition sometime later, I've got a backlog on my Tivo.