Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ken Heebner hearts Petrobras.

Ken Heebner is a mutual fund manager at CGM Funds and was recently dubbed "America's Hottest Investor" by Fortune Magazine.


"How do you explain genius?" muses Douglas Pratt, a former Invesco fund manager who was an analyst at Loomis. "Ken just sees things others don't."

A league of his own

Spend some time with Heebner, and it becomes clear why. His brain is wired differently. His ideas come faster, his focus is more intense, and his ability to sift through massive quantities of information and zero in on what matters is downright spooky. Pity the Salieris of the investing world who have to compete with this guy.

CNBC: Market Outlook Part 2.


I like companies that are benefiting from an environment where there is a short supply of key commodities, and the big one is energy. I think that, whether it's oil stocks or gas stocks or oil service stocks or coal stocks, they're all benefiting from the fact that demand for energy is growing faster than our ability to find it and deliver it to the marketplace.


I think in a world where the oil price is in an uptrend, this company, Petrobras, which has 12 billion barrels of reserves today, the discoveries that they're developing in the pre-salt, deep offshore Brazil are gonna add between 30 and 100 billion barrels to their reserve base, and five years from now we're gonna be looking at a company 5 to 10 times the size the company is today

P.S. The ticker is PBR.