Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Play that funky music white boy.

My prediction: Until we get this energy mess addressed, stocks as represented by the whole market/indexes aren't going to do anything worth writing a Page One Wall Street Journal article about.

On a side note, ever notice how white (and generally older) the Peak Oil establishment is? Sheesh. [Okay, some exceptions, but generally..] This mostly has to do with them being older oil types, I know.

Next prediction: Peak oil ain't gaining real traction until we pull in some hot chicks.

And maybe we need a band.. [My suspicion is that most people hear the lyrics of Sheryl Crowe's song as suggesting gasoline will be FREE, whee!, rather than understanding the message.] I digress.

Oh, if and hopefully when we realistically address the energy issue (way, and I mean, -WAY- simpler said than done), the market will rock, I predict.

WSJ: Stocks Tarnished By 'Lost Decade', U.S. Shares in Longest Funk Since 1970s;
Credit Crunch Could Prolong Weakness


Over the past 200 years, the stock market's steady upward march occasionally has been disrupted for long stretches, most recently during the Great Depression and the inflation-plagued 1970s. The current market turmoil suggests that we may be in another lost decade.

The stock market is trading right where it was nine years ago. Stocks, long touted as the best investment for the long term, have been one of the worst investments over the nine-year period, trounced even by lowly Treasury bonds.

CNBC: Pickens: Oil Going to Remain Above $100 a Barrel.


Pickens thinks it's a mistake to follow daily price changes too closely.

"I can't play day trades, whether it's down one day, up the next, the volatility just eats my lunch," he said. "I've got to make a far-out play and stick with it."


Pickens says he's bullish on natural gas as well as oil, and he has a portfolio to prove it.

"My...picks for natural gas would be Cheaspeake Energy Corp [CHK], XTO Energy Inc [XTO], Sandridge Energy Inc [SD], and, if you're going to play the natural-gas fueling deal, you'd go to Clean Energy Fuels Corp [CLNE], on the Nasdaq," he said. "If you're going to play oil, on the domestics, I would say that Continental Resources [CLR], and Denbury Resources Inc [DNR] are the two best, plus Suncor Energy Inc [SU] the Canadian oil-sands one. Those are all in my portfolio."

CNBC: T. Boone’s Energy Plan.

CNBC: Oil Firms 'In Liquidation,' Says 'Peak Oil' Advocate.


All major oil firms, he said, are "overlooking the fact that they are actually in liquidation, their production has been in decline for several years [and] no matter how much money they intend to spend, they just can’t get ahead of their [production] decline curves. And their proven reserves are shrinking very rapidly.”

WSJ: Saudis' Big Gas Supply Looks Like It Is a Mirage.


Saudi Arabia's boast that its southern desert region contains vast reserves of natural gas is facing growing skepticism, amid a string of exploration setbacks by international oil companies operating there.

The kingdom had hoped that gas in the Rub al Khali, a vast desert that translates into English as the Empty Quarter, would be a key source of fuel for its booming economy. If the region turns out to be as empty as its name implies, Saudi Arabia runs the risk of a gas-supply crunch within the next decade at today's rate of demand.