Tuesday, November 06, 2007

John Roque: Oil Good, Financials Bad.

Bill Miller of Legg Mason called the other day for buying the financials. That was a call he must have placed from his yacht off a very sunny coast somewhere. Though some of them may have seen the worst of their downside, I'd say financials have a long road ahead of them. Jim Rogers says avoid the financials like the plague, and apparently he's still short.

John Roque of Natexis Bleichroeder is a technical analyst, he looks at charts to try to determine trends.

CNBC: Fast Money Chartology.


"We agree that the financials now, and this might be a bold call, are actually akin to what the semis were in 2000 when they broke. The Street wasted a lot of energy and time trying to pick the bottom, the better thing to do is just to leave them alone, they're going to be underperformers for a long time."


"The trend for oil, for gold, for silver, for all commodities remains up. The last three major commodities cycles are 14 years in length. You could start this one in 1999, this is the eighth year, if history is some guide, we still have some time."