Saturday, August 04, 2007

Hot or Not?

Jim Cramer had a reputation for having a seriously volatile temper and nature when he was at his hedge fund. Thankfully, he had his wife to contain his baser instincts at a couple of important moments in market history. [He refers to her as "the Trading Goddess".]

So when you watch the first video below, in which Cramer basically explodes about the current market conditions, you have to wonder if you're watching Cramer unbound or instead seeing Cramer the actor hamming it up. And while I'm sure he's wound up, I also think it's an act. If you've seen Stop Trading with Cramer and Erin before, it's kind of the Laurel and Hardy show, with the straight [wo]man and the funny guy, and here the funny guy got a little too into the act. The second video is Cramer explaining himself in a calmer manner.

Is it really this hot? Yeah. All the craziness in the housing market that culminated in the last two hyperactive years is coming to roost in one or two hot weeks in August 2007.

Next week should be very interesting.

CNBC Video: Cramer: Bernanke, Wake Up.

CNBC Video: Cramer on Bear Stearns.

PS. Erin Burnett - hot.