Saturday, July 14, 2007

Oh my God.

Joe Kernen utters the above priceless quote when Boone Pickens first appears on the screen and it's apparent the interview is being conducted with Mr. Pickens in gym attire and with his foot up on his desk.

I'm not sure what exactly that suggests; a man of 78 and still on top of his game having a bit of fun, or a ton of hubris from a guy who's been right so long he's getting cocky. I think the former. [At least he didn't end with "Party on, dude".]

Predictions: $80 by next May, but first possibly a dip to the high sixties due to an excess of oil around right now. He suggests people not be short oil.

CNBC TV: Oil May Dip Slightly, But Will Hit $80 by Next May: Pickens.


"What I see from the producers’ side is that the Saudis, the Russians -- all the producers -- want a higher price for oil and what they’re searching for is how much can the market stand, how much can the world economy stand on price. They’ll keep pushing it on up as far as it will go.”

Pickens shorted natural gas last year because there was “too much gas” -- and said the action “made our day.”

“We got a late start to the summer this year, so gas is still suffering,” Pickens said. “I think gas will suffer on into 2008. All those things will clear up with time. A few months in a commodity market going down or up just scares hell out of everybody… You need to look at it on a longer-term basis than that. At the same time, if you’ve got your neck stuck out in a commodity market, you can lose a lot of money real quick.”