Tuesday, June 06, 2006

An argument for uranium.

From Sprott Asset Management, a peak oil aware asset firm based in Canada, comes a new paper entitled "Investment Implications of an Abrupt Climate Change" which argues that an increase in the use of uranium for nuclear power will be one way humans will try to mitigate the introduction of more CO2 into the atmosphere. CO2, or carbon dioxide, is a byproduct of burning carbon based energy (oil, coal, natural gas, etc), and is a greenhouse gas, which is to say that when increasing amounts are introduced into the earth's atmosphere, CO2 leads to increased heat retention.

Cameco (CCJ) is a Canadian producer of uranium with large reserves, and a good entry point these days looks like $36-39.

Boone Pickens plays up the aw shucks bit on TV, but when you get to the part in this paper about water shortages, and you remember that Mr. Pickens other big investment these days is in water rights..