Sunday, April 30, 2006

The devil made them do it.

I caught a couple of interviews on TV with people complaining over $3 gasoline prices. One woman complained as she filled her car at a gas station. No mention was made of the fact she was filling a mid-range Mercedes. Another gentleman was rather angry about the costs to fill his brand new Range Rover, which is a $55,000+ SUV. Amusingly, it's likely the depreciation on that vehicle is costing him more than the gasoline, particularly now that large SUVs are likely to retain less value.

It would be nice if they found some people I could actually feel for, but I guess maybe those people don't get on TV.

Here's another amusing one, a comment left on the the BusinessWeek article on Boone Pickens. I like the logic here, not only is the oil industry responsible for high prices, it also screwed us by giving us low prices in the first place.

It's gonna be an interesting year.


Nickname: MT

Review: I am not willing to pay $3, $4, or $5 per gallon as T. Boone states. I have to. The industry conditioned me to build a lifestyle around $1 per gallon gas. Now that they have us locked into using so many gallons of gas per month, they begin the extortion. I can't react fast enough. They know this. By the time I can get a more efficient car, or move closer to work, or whatever, they have extorted thousands of extra profit from each one of us. I am all for a free world economy. US distribution infrastructure is far more efficient and ubiquitous than in other countries. Because we have more volume and efficiency our gas prices have been much lower than other countries, not because they were somehow being kept down artificially. Now the oil industry is simply gouging consumers because they can. They know our current government will not protect its citizens from the unethical or unlawful behavior of the rich and powerful.
Date reviewed: Apr 27, 2006 8:47 PM